Continuous Improvement
Bold leaders use Continuous Improvement to simplify their worlds.
A powerful blend of analysis, team-led process improvement and action, Continuous Improvement helps organizations improve - either by hacking through the layers that can strangle the most simple of business transactions or creating consistent processes where none exist - while at the same time establishing the conditions required for long term, sustainable success.

Our Continuous Improvement services represent a whole system approach to ‘future proofing’ your organization: from identifying strengths and opportunities, transforming processes and structures, to developing and supporting the people and teams at all levels who will map the way forward with skill and confidence. These services include:

Strategic Alignment:  Look into the future to identify and confront your change drivers. Stake your claim to the future with renewed vision and goals. Make tough choices about priorities and be clear about what you must stop doing, start doing and keep doing to ensure long term success.

Lean and Process Transformation:  Using high quality feedback from all levels of your organization, as well as from your customers and stakeholders, empower your staff to design the way your organization needs to operate in the future: from the Boardroom to the frontline and from supplier to consumer.

Dash boarding:  Design and implement the range of controllable key performance indicators you must manage to effectively steer your way to goal achievement.

Structural Refresh:  Ensure that the way you all work together aligns well with your renewed processes and practices.

Audit Proofing:  Be confident that you will easily rise to the challenge of any performance audit because you know you are an effective organization.

Change Management:  Help you implement change through an approach that integrates change management across the project life cycle, from project initiation to implementation and continuous improvement.

Self-Reliance and Team Effectiveness:  Through participating in project work with us your staff, leaders and teams will emerge stronger, more competent and confident to lead Continuous Improvement projects with limited external support.

Berlineaton is prequalified to work with the BC Public Sector through various Corporate Supply Arrangements, and are on multiple Ministry-specific and Government of Canada procurement lists. We are also qualified to deliver Lean projects for the BC Public Service’s Lean BC Initiative.

Our approach spans the full spectrum from the observation of what is currently going on to the execution and sustainment of the planned improvements, including the impacts on business processes, people, and culture.  Here is an overview of our methodology:

Take a step back to observe. Find out what is really going on by focusing on what is working well, what opportunities exist to improve, satisfaction with current processes, and team strengths.  
Focus on something you can improve!    Choose the best opportunity for improvement, identify your objectives and build the right teams with the right people to tackle the redesign.
Imagine what the future could be by mapping out the current process, identifying opportunities for improvement, then designing the new process.
Analyze and understand what is changing, what is staying the same, and what it will take to get there.  Develop a plan to manage the transition from the people, content, and process points of view.
Determine how to make the changes 'stick' by considering who needs to be empowered and objective reflection on the progress of the execution. Ongoing commitment to this will create a culture of continuous improvement.
Our team has worked extensively in the public and private sectors using this Continuous Improvement methodology.  Here is what a few of our clients have to say about their experience:
"At the outset of the [project], we were unsure of how activities would unfold.  Like many of our clients expect from us, we wanted [Berlineaton] to direct us how to improve our systems and develop a plan to evolve and make us more successful.  This is simply not the Berlineaton way.  Rather, they challenged us and called upon the knowledge and experience of our diverse team to focus on organizational needs, priorities, and goals.  They called upon our team to find actual ways to identify the firm's goals and bring them to fruition.  The [project] activities were fluid and complimented one another, the end result being a very clear, multi-faceted project plan with deadlines and, more importantly, a high level of accountability among our team members."
Neil Carfra     
Carfra Lawton LLP  
"I was tasked with realigning our department's business functions and I knew exactly who to call.  Berlineaton's comprehensive delivery model helped us set a new business foundation and guided us through a complete rebuild of our administrative procedures and mapped and defined the planning processes for our project management functions.  I would highly recommend Berlineaton for any organization wanting to improve their productivity and morale, strengthen work teams, or redesign the way they do business.          
Sharlane Callow    
Director, Store Planning  
Thrifty Foods    
Please also visit our Case Studies page to read about how we have applied our Continuous Improvement methodology with specific clients.
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Organizations that thrive excel in three areas: 

  • Direction: a clear, widely shared, and aspirational vision of the future and a compelling road map to get there.
  • Process: clear, effective and efficient steps that create meaningful outputs. Daily tasks and deliverables yield their best results when processes are clear and strong, and aligned with organizational objectives. Processes facilitate the alignment of action with direction.
  • People: People make it all happen. People have the skills, capacity, and impetus to translate strategic intent into reality. Ultimately, people and the culture they create drive an organization towards its chosen future. 
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