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Improving Effectiveness of the Technical Support Team

Following on from previous successful projects to continuously improve key corporate services processes across the Canadian Forest Service, Berlineaton was engaged by the Director General of the Pacific Forestry Centre (PFC) to apply proven Continuous Improvement techniques to improving the effectiveness of the Technical Support Team – the group of scientific support staff who provide critically important project enabling support to PFC staff.

Key Team Members

A Profound Experience

The Director General and her management team felt that there were opportunities to enhance mutual understanding of, and ownership for, a shared direction; improve processes; clarify roles and responsibilities; and strengthen team relationships.

Practical Solutions

Using our five-step Continuous Improvement methodology, the Berlineaton team facilitated the achievement of this vision, working in partnership with key leaders and project teams. In support of this project, we conducted interviews and focus groups, facilitated the Steering Committee and Design Teams, and coached individuals such as the Executive Sponsor.

Bolder Futures

One key goal of the Berlineaton team was the transferring our skills and knowledge to the Natural Resources Canada team so that future Continuous Improvement work could be completed internally with reduced levels of consulting support. Over the life of the project, focus and leadership gradually shifted from the Consulting Team to members of the Steering Committee, who have since redesigned other key processes in the organization.

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  • Our work with Berlineaton facilitated constructive and productive conversations surrounding continuous improvement in the workplace. It was a well-organized and targeted exercise that allowed us to focus on possible solutions going forward.

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