Our Story

Building Strong Futures since 1996

With a great desire to help leaders build stronger futures for their organizations, Richard Eaton and Shelly Berlin embarked on a 25-year journey to do just that. Berlineaton was established in 1996, and with many experiences, office moves, technology and hundreds of fulfilling projects, our team continues to provide consulting and executive coaching services.

The Future Is Now

What’s changed since 1996? A lot! For starters, we’ve grown to be much more than Richard and Shelly. Meet our team, look at the projects we have done and consider how we can help you as you bring better futures to the world.

Quick Facts

  • Professional management consultants and executive coaches
  • Situated in Victoria – work locally, nationally and internationally
  • Worked with over 1,000 clients in government, not-for-profit and private sectors
  • Engaged with over 25,000 people in a variety of workshops and consultations


  • Vision: A World of Courageous Endeavours
  • Mission: We serve alongside visionary leaders committed to delivering stronger futures for their organizations

Key Principles


We start where you are at, with no assumptions about what should be


We focus on performance improvement and sustainability


We promote independence by helping you build capacity to achieve sustainable results independent of consultants


We will tell you if we think you do not need us


Start the Conversation

Are you looking to set a new, bold direction, equip your teams and leaders with new skills, or make your organization stronger?

  • Berlineaton helped me work through staffing changes and a significant workload immediately following the COVID-19 outbreak. Our coaching sessions were very much appreciated, and I was able to re-focus on the strategic goals of our organization, while still leading my team and day-to-day operations. Being able to improve my leadership competencies and navigate the last few months was invaluable to say the least.

    Executive Director,

    Not-for-Profit Organization in British Columbia

  • The emphasis on Strategic Management was important to us, since we didn't want a plan that sat on the shelf after several months of strategic thinking. I found that Berlineaton didn't come to our organization with a preconception of what our strategic plan would look like, but they made an authentic effort to understand the people in our community and be in tune with its ethos, its goals and its people. They gained trust and confidence and continue to work with us on the implementation of our tactical plan.

    Head of School in Victoria,

    British Columbia

  • I’ve worked with the Berlineaton team on a number of strategic initiatives for Vancity. Berlineaton has been a great collaborator in the design, development and launch of an innovation network designed to accelerate our transformation. My standards have always been high and they have never disappointed in their ability to deliver.

    Lori Block, Former Vice President,


  • I have worked with Berlineaton since 1999. In that time, I have found the Berlineaton team to be highly-skilled facilitators who consistently create the atmosphere and structure necessary to effectively manage and deliver complex projects. Their Strategy, CI, and People Development methodologies work well in any scenario in which I have seen them applied. Moreover, they create an environment that allows for a tremendous amount of creative, engaging, high-quality work to be completed within very short timelines, and with high levels of staff ownership and support.

    Martin Foy, Regional Director,

    Alberta Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

  • The Berlineaton team has a deep knowledge of strategy and change management. They are engaging, whip smart, and empower leaders and organizations to do the work required to create compelling visions and missions and most importantly how to implement and live the goals and priorities.

    Michelle Koski, Executive Director,

    BC Investment Agriculture Foundation

  • Your efforts in guiding the robust planning process that has resulted in UCC’s Strategic Directions were quite simply extraordinary; your partnership was integral to any success achieved. Thank you. I hope you are as proud of the final product as we are.

    Sam McKinney, Head of School,

    Upper Canada College

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