Strategy Development
& Execution

Designing Bold Futures

Services that achieve exciting, bold, courageous futures.

End-to-end Strategy Development & Execution

Using our six-step methodology, we provide a highly engaging, collaborative, inclusive Strategic Planning experience. This includes scanning the environment to understand the current context, envisaging a powerful future, purpose and values, and developing goals, strategic priorities and tactics that will realize success. We place equal emphasis on the execution of strategy using measurement tools, reporting tools and coaching through execution.

Envisioning the Future Workshop

In a high-energy, interactive facilitated workshop, we help envision bold futures.

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Workshop

A key tool in an environmental scan, we provide SWOT workshops, often as part of stakeholder consultations. SWOT workshops provide awareness and insights in the development of strategy.

Two-Day Strategy Alignment Workshop 

For those clients with existing strategic plans, we offer a two-day refresh.



Helping leaders set a bold course with an aspirational vision, unique purpose, non-negotiable values and well-executed strategies.

A strong, clearly defined, widely shared strategic plan has the potential to lead an organization towards imaginable success. Our approach involves stakeholders and other constituents and helps leaders set direction as we guide them through our inclusive, collaborative process.

  • Scan

    Scan external and internal environments. Identify what current realities could affect future opportunities and summarize the strategic issues that must be confronted.

  • Articulate

    Articulate the organization’s vision, mission and values. Describe in a precisely meaningful way the preferred future, the unique purpose and the beliefs that drive behaviours for the organization as a whole.

  • Define

    Define the specific goals and priorities necessary to achieve the vision and fulfill the mission.

  • Align

    Align the specific actions, accountabilities and resources required to achieve the strategic priorities.

  • Execute

    Execute in a planned way that meaningfully brings the strategic plan to life.

  • Monitor

    Monitor progress through appropriate measuring and reporting tools, course correct where required and celebrate success.

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  • Your efforts in guiding the robust planning process that has resulted in UCC’s Strategic Directions were quite simply extraordinary; your partnership was integral to any success achieved. Thank you. I hope you are as proud of the final product as we are.

    Sam McKinney, Head of School,

    Upper Canada College

  • The Berlineaton team has a deep knowledge of strategy and change management. They are engaging, whip smart, and empower leaders and organizations to do the work required to create compelling visions and missions and most importantly how to implement and live the goals and priorities.

    Michelle Koski, Executive Director,

    BC Investment Agriculture Foundation

  • The knowledge and experience Berlineaton brought to the table were invaluable. From thoughtful planning to expert facilitation, their professionalism and skill led to the development of a very usable framework that our school will implement to guide generative discussions on each governance driver over the course of the academic year. Not only will the conversations be valuable in and of themselves, but they will also lead to the development of a clear strategy for the ongoing Board governance education program that will be equally important to new and seasoned Board members alike.

    Drew Stephens, Head of School,

    Southridge School

  • The emphasis on Strategic Management was important to us, since we didn't want a plan that sat on the shelf after several months of strategic thinking. I found that Berlineaton didn't come to our organization with a preconception of what our strategic plan would look like, but they made an authentic effort to understand the people in our community and be in tune with its ethos, its goals and its people. They gained trust and confidence and continue to work with us on the implementation of our tactical plan.

    Head of School in Victoria,

    British Columbia

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