BC Investment Agriculture Foundation

Investing in the Future of BC’s Agriculture and Food Sector

We partnered with the BC Investment Agriculture Foundation – an industry-led, not-for-profit organization that creates funding opportunities to support a thriving BC agriculture and food sector – to develop its first strategic plan.

A Profound Experience

In the fall of 2018, under the leadership of a new Executive Director, IAF approached Berlineaton to partner with them to develop and execute their first strategic plan.  The new ED was  keen to ensure that the voice of the member associations, industry partners, and federal and provincial funders informed the development of their strategic plan.  

Practical Solutions

Over an 8-month engagement, Berlineaton — working closely with the IAF Board of Directors, Senior Leadership Team and Staff – used our six-step Strategy Development & Execution methodology to help IAF chart a well-articulated, widely, shared and understood direction – one that clearly stated what the organization does and what it does not do.  As the organization was engaging in robust strategic planning for the first time, we designed an ongoing feedback loop with IAF’s key stakeholders to seek their input, incorporate it as appropriate, communicate the reasoning behind important decisions, and move forward with confidence.

Bolder Futures

IAF is in the process of socializing its clear direction internally and externally, and is executing on key initiatives – redefining the role of the Board, standing up important committees to lead execution, and building on and building out its relationships with members and partners – setting itself up to successfully achieve its vision and mission.


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    Michelle Koski, Executive Director,

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    Ashka Wirk

    BSc, MBA, CMC, ACC
    Architect, Builder, Crystal Gazer.

    Ashka is a certified management consultant and executive coach, specializing in board-governed organizations in the education, health care and technology sectors.  

    She is an expert in using qualitative and quantitative data to guide the development of strategy, and then developing tactics and measurement systems that help ensure an effective execution.  

    Ashka’s passion is to lead disciplined, engaging and evidence-based projects that improve organizational effectiveness. To do this, she draws on her extensive and varied background in the fields of science and business. When Ashka’s not with her two school-aged children, you can find her in her gym or garden!

    Ashka is an Associate of Berlineaton’s.

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    Richard Eaton is a co-founding partner of Berlineaton, a senior management consultant and a certified executive coach. Over the past 25 years, Richard has facilitated significant and positive productivity focused culture shifts within large and complex organizations. 

    He specializes in delivering a leader and team-focused approach to process improvement and is highly skilled in helping clients realize significant performance improvements.  

    Richard is passionate about adventures of all kinds, from parachuting, scuba diving and high-altitude mountaineering to a broad array of fascinating consulting assignments. He approaches everything he does with humility, wonder, deep engagement and sturdy footwear.