People Development

Helping People Perform at Their Best

Services that enable people to learn, develop and perform at their best.

Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching delivered by certified executive coaches. A typical engagement comprises four to eight one-hour coaching sessions, focused on setting goals, creating awareness and insights, and implementing action. 

Team Coaching

Coaching delivered by certified executive coaches. Coaching in a team environment creates the opportunity for entire teams to set goals, gain understanding, create action, and perform at their collective best.

Narrative 360s

Calling upon the perspectives of eight to 12 colleagues, direct reports, supervisors and stakeholders, Narrative 360 Assessments provide insights from multiple perspectives, uncover blind spots and accelerate a leader’s development.

Leadership Assessments

We access third party providers to help leaders delve deeper using proven instruments, including Lumina Spark, Hogan Assessments, Myers-Briggs Personality Type, Gallup, and The Leadership Circle. 

HR Development Advisory Services

Applying our consulting and executive coaching expertise, we provide advisory services across the full spectrum of the Human Resources discipline, including recruiting, talent management, succession planning, career transition services, organization design and development. 


Executive Coaching

Helping exceptional leaders through reflection, insights and action.

In today’s complex world, leaders need to be focused, adaptable and continually learning to create sustained success. Our approach to developing leaders starts with a strong fit between a coach and client, creates insights towards specific goals and sets the stage for long-term growth.

  • Relate

    A good, trusting ‘fit’ between the coach, the leader and the organization.

  • Agree

    A formal Coaching Agreement that specifies the terms of the relationship, including confidentiality.

  • Assess

    Assessment tools that are used to establish baseline information about the leader.

  • Aim

    The goals of the coaching engagement, including how to measure progress.

  • Advance

    Progress towards goals through action-focussed coaching sessions that strengthen the leader’s current and future leadership capacity.

  • Sustain

    A co-developed “next steps” plan that is a catalyst for the leader’s long-term growth and development.

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  • Berlineaton helped me work through staffing changes and a significant workload immediately following the COVID-19 outbreak. Our coaching sessions were very much appreciated, and I was able to re-focus on the strategic goals of our organization, while still leading my team and day-to-day operations. Being able to improve my leadership competencies and navigate the last few months was invaluable to say the least.

    Executive Director,

    Not-for-Profit Organization in British Columbia

  • I truly appreciated the hands-on nature of this experience, especially the coaching practice sessions that allowed me to practice the powerful questions and active listening, and get immediate feedback from the Berlineaton Executive Coaches. It was clear that they understood the material well enough to not only do it, but explain and train us on it.

    Session Participant,

    BC Ministry of Health Business Management Office

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