Data & Insights

Supporting Powerful Decision Making

Services that turn data into powerful decisions.

Pre-Designed Surveys

Pre-designed surveys that can be administered quickly and efficiently. These surveys include board effectiveness assessments, stakeholder satisfaction, employee engagement and have been designed specifically for the sectors we serve.

Custom-Designed Surveys

We build surveys from the ground up for use individually or as part of a larger initiative. Our Qualtrics platform helps generate important insights that when combined with sector expertise produces powerful information for decision making.

Qualtrics Partnership

Partnering with Qualtrics, we provide elevated survey capabilities to bring more robust survey and analytics expertise across a wide spectrum of offerings. 



Seeing and using data in innovative ways.

There is no shortage of data in our world, but there is a shortage of good, concise information for decision making. We use data to create insights that inform decisions and formulate action. Our approach is to understand the questions our clients are asking, determine how best to get to the answers, conduct our data gathering and analysis, and present results in easy-to-use formats.

  • Define

    Identify the core questions to be answered.

  • Create

    Determine the survey methodology that will best and most efficiently seek answers to the core questions.

  • Analyze

    Conduct statistical analysis, benchmarking, etc. to understand what the data is saying.

  • Synthesize

    Prepare reports and dashboards that convey meaning.

  • Communicate

    Display results in easy-to-understand, digestible ways.

  • Activate

    Create action for improvement.

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