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Berlineaton has helped Balmoral Hall School (BH) design, develop and execute its strategic plan since 2009. In 2016, BH re-engaged Berlineaton to do a major refresh, setting in motion the priorities, activities, support and energy needed to realize a bolder future for the school, building on its strategic planning success to date.

A Profound Experience

Utilizing our six step strategy methodology, Berlineaton worked with Balmoral Hall School’s leadership and Board over 10 months to map out the strategic direction of the school. This included an extensive SCAN phase during which we engaged with over 1,000 School stakeholders, including an Open Space Conference with 150 stakeholders expressing their views on a bold future for Balmoral Hall School and a second event that brought together generations of alumnae grads to talk about what the future needs from a Balmoral Hall School graduate. 

Practical Solutions

Our working relationship since 2009 meant that this was the third refresh of the school’s strategic plan. While we utilized our six step methodology, it was important to build on the momentum already built, progressing some strategic priorities that were already in place and designing new, bold strategies that would see BH leveraging its work to date into greater boldness about what is achievable in the future.

Bolder Futures

Balmoral Hall School’s roots are grounded in innovation and entrepreneurialism. It has been bold since 1901, and 2016 was to carry on this tradition by dreaming big and setting bold goals. As their plan highlights, “see us like never before.” The school realized its dream of an expanded campus with the opening of the Benidickson Centre for Arts & Design.

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  • Berlineaton’s approach to strategy development and execution is a great way to re-visit our current plan and not only discuss and see where we were but to dream about where we will go next.

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