Southern Alberta Flood Recovery

Streamlining Flood Recovery Applications for Thousands of Alberta Citizens

Alberta Environment needed to streamline the approval process for flood recovery applications by a dramatic margin to deal with a huge increase in the number of applications due to the flood.

Berlineaton helped staff redesign their processes, and build a stronger team, with the result that turnaround times were reduced from four to six months to seven days for most applications.

A Profound Experience

In the summer of 2013 Southern Alberta was hit with record flooding resulting in the most expensive natural disaster in Canadian History up to that time. Alberta Environment needed to streamline flood recovery application processes to help Albertans get their lives back to normal as fast as possible.

They called Berlineaton to streamline flood recovery applications and build a stronger regulatory team.

Practical Solutions

Over the course of six weeks, Berlineaton supported the development of innovative processes and approaches, resulting in the reduction of turnaround times from months to days. Concurrently a stronger team was built between environmental and land management staff.

We worked with a cross-functional Alberta Environment team based in Calgary to:

  • Map out current regulatory processes, come up with innovative cross functional solutions to come up with formal retractable problems to immediately execute a faster better process for Albertans to be approved to conduct flood recovery work.

Bolder Futures

Since implementation, Alberta Environment has more efficiently facilitated hundreds of authorizations. The new process shortens the timeline for issuing approvals, making application approval five times faster while maintaining legal and environmental benchmarks. 

The success of this project was recognized with an IPAC award for innovation.

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  • I have worked with Berlineaton since 1999. In that time, I have found the Berlineaton team to be highly-skilled facilitators who consistently create the atmosphere and structure necessary to effectively manage and deliver complex projects. Their Strategy, CI, and People Development methodologies work well in any scenario in which I have seen them applied. Moreover, they create an environment that allows for a tremendous amount of creative, engaging, high-quality work to be completed within very short timelines, and with high levels of staff ownership and support.

    Martin Foy, Regional Director,

    Alberta Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

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