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James Bretzlaff
Change Agent. Coach. Domestique.
James Bretzlaff is a coach and management consultant who specializes in strategy development and leadership. He is at his best when supporting the long term success of both established and emerging leaders and teams. James brings his athletic endeavours as well as 15 years of management consulting experience to every engagement – ensuring a balanced approach between performance and people.
When is “Perfect Strategy” Not Even Remotely Close?
We see it all the time.

Dinner plans gone awry – yes, it’s the best restaurant with the best food and the best chefs.  Everyone loves it.  The well-intended spouse thinks it’s a perfect night to surprise their better half with a night out.  Problem is … it is not the perfect night – no communication of the ‘plan’, no input into the details, and no consideration for what the other half really wanted creates tension and conflict.  The night is a bust.

Little league controversy – the coach plans out the season schedule to include all the best competitions, in all the best locations, against all the best teams.  She books the travel and hotels at some incredible, yet locked-in rates.  She excitedly unveils her masterpiece to the team.  Alas … the parents don’t quite see it that way – they are not available for half the events.  The season is shot.

Strategic Planning is no different.  The “perfect” strategy with “perfect” goals and “perfect” priorities is not made bullet-proof through technically sound and polished wording. It is not one developed effectively by having a few senior leaders lock themselves in a room and create a masterpiece.
Perfect strategy is about collaboration.  It is about making decisions in a way that the organization is brought in to the decision making process early on – rather than trying to ‘sell’ decisions to the organization after they are made. Approaching strategy development in this way ensures more of the plan will actually be implemented.  And, at the end of the day, perfect strategy is measured by what gets done, not what gets planned. 

The next time you think you might have a perfect plan … ask yourself … “Did I involve all the right people in creation of the plan?”  If you cannot answer “yes”, then your plan is not perfect.  It is not even remotely close.

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