Continuous Improvement: Listening To, and Learning From, Our Clients

Practicing What We Preach…

Berlineaton’s Continuous Improvement Practice surveyed our clients regarding our performance and how well our projects met their expectations in streamlining frustrating business processes. Many thanks to those clients who took the time to provide us with their thoughts!

We intend to incorporate this feedback into our continuous improvement efforts for future projects. We are still collating and analyzing the data we received, but here are some initial results:

Some Participant Comments:

  • “Berlineaton was extremely communicative and excellent at scheduling sessions. Our project lead excelled at keeping us on track during sessions, engaging with us, and managing multiple voices and opinions.”
  • “This was my first Continuous Improvement group workshop. The experience was very positive, and it felt like we walked away with a concise product that we all contributed to. The next step is to see whether we can use, guide, and implement. Well done.”
  • “Berlineaton listened to the group to gauge energy, group dynamics, and provided the necessary nudges when required to keep us on track and move along the process to the end game.”

Areas of Strength:

Our threshold for an area strength is an agreement score of 80% or more. While there is always room for improvement, the following areas received agreement scores of 80%-100%

Well done, client senior leaders!

Clients who engage us for these projects are typically senior leaders in organizations working to provide improved services for their clients and stakeholders while delivering less-frustrating processes for their staff. Respondents indicated that their senior leaders showed continuous support for their work throughout the project.

Strategic alignment achieved!

Continuous Improvement projects are most effective when goals and outcomes are well aligned with the strategy of our clients’ organizations, seamlessly connecting operational-level business processes with the vision, mission, and goals. Respondents believed that the outcomes from their projects helped support their organization’s strategic direction.

Great facilitation!

Berlineaton strives to approach client engagements with the understanding that the answers are ‘in here,’ not ‘out there.’ Effectively leveraging the knowledge of cross-functional groups of experienced people relies heavily on the ability of consultants to facilitate effectively, as opposed to telling clients what they should do. Respondents said that Berlineaton staff demonstrated the right facilitation skills, and that the processes and methodologies we used were effective in guiding them through their project.

Project outputs hit the mark!

Outputs from Berlineaton’s projects include crucial business improvement products such as process maps, performance measurement matrices, improved process-enabling tools, revised roles and responsibilities, and implementation plans. They also encompass important, and sometimes transformational, people and team development improvements. Respondents said that they were satisfied with the outputs from their CI projects.

Areas for Improvement:

Two improvement themes emerged from the feedback. These areas received agreement scores of less than 80%: respondents said that they are using the project outputs in their daily work, and the project was a valuable use of their time.

We will do a bit more work to better understand these results, but at this point, they suggest implementing more thorough follow-up support to ensure that project outputs are fully implemented and effectively integrated into organizational business practices.

Stay tuned for details on how we will continuously improve our methodology to better serve our clients!

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  • The emphasis on Strategic Management was important to us, since we didn't want a plan that sat on the shelf after several months of strategic thinking. I found that Berlineaton didn't come to our organization with a preconception of what our strategic plan would look like, but they made an authentic effort to understand the people in our community and be in tune with its ethos, its goals and its people. They gained trust and confidence and continue to work with us on the implementation of our tactical plan.

    Head of School in Victoria,

    British Columbia

  • I have engaged Berlineaton over the years to support a few different initiatives. I have found they bring very strong skills and tools in the areas of strategic planning, change management, facilitation, problem solving, project management, engagement management and team building.

    Associate Deputy Minister,

    BC Government

  • Your efforts in guiding the robust planning process that has resulted in UCC’s Strategic Directions were quite simply extraordinary; your partnership was integral to any success achieved. Thank you. I hope you are as proud of the final product as we are.

    Sam McKinney, Head of School,

    Upper Canada College

  • Overall, I would highly recommend Berlineaton for anyone seeking superior results in the field of facilitated, team-based process improvement that blend a focus on more task focused business results with the team, and overall people, engagement required to promote higher levels of ownership and execution success.

    Executive Director,

    BC Government

  • Berlineaton helped me work through staffing changes and a significant workload immediately following the COVID-19 outbreak. Our coaching sessions were very much appreciated, and I was able to re-focus on the strategic goals of our organization, while still leading my team and day-to-day operations. Being able to improve my leadership competencies and navigate the last few months was invaluable to say the least.

    Executive Director,

    Not-for-Profit Organization in British Columbia

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