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Ashka Wirk
Architect. Builder. Crystal Gazer.
Ashka is a management consultant focussed in Berlineaton's strategy practice. Ashka also is an experienced private sector leader, with an extensive background in the health care and biotechnology fields. She worked with the management consulting subsidiary of StemCell Technologies in Vancouver for eight years, and led the company through years of unprecedented growth as its CEO from 2008 to 2012. She draws upon her breadth of experience and passion for business strategy to help Berlineaton clients develop blueprints to build bolder futures for their organizations.
A Strategically Aligned Company – Customers Can Feel The Difference
I’m not a car person. I tend to procrastinate over car maintenance …. except keeping it looking nice. If it weren't for my husband keeping the gas tank full, I’d run out of gas on the road pretty regularly. So, it wasn't unusual that I waited (until July) to switch my winter tires for new all-season tires that I ordered from the service department of the Lexus dealership just one day before taking my family on a road trip.  

When I arrived at the service department, I was upset to learn that my new tires had not arrived (despite being told over the phone that they had). Before I could say anything, the Lexus service team sprang into action. The service department manager said that he would take care of everything and have my car "road trip ready" bright and early the next morning. He drove me back to work, had a cab drive me home at the end of the day, and picked me up the next morning to bring me back to the dealership where my car was sporting its new all season radials (which he had shipped over from a dealership on the mainland). And my nearly empty gas tank was full .

This bend-over backwards (after sale!) customer service doesn't just happen magically. It’s clear that for Lexus, providing customer service that goes above and beyond expectations – before, during, and after the sale – is a key priority. This priority drives all aspects of this company’s business (including their service department hiring and training far away from head office here in Victoria).
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