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#SMC2018 – Berlineaton goes to Camp
For the last 9 years, Victoria has been home to Social Media Camp.  With the largest conference of its kind right in our back yard, we at Berlineaton have made it a point to attend this popular event and have always come away with some helpful learnings of the Social landscape.  Here are our team members’ key learnings from Social Media Camp 2018: 

Ashka Wirk’s Picks: 
Social media is a tool to “show your character” (Fiona Birch, Pro Athlete Online)
The adage “be yourself” is just as important (if not more so) in the digital space as it is in person.  Give your stakeholders the truth – to relate to, accept, and aspire to – and you’ll be on your way to building a base of “superfans” who will be on your side if or when a crisis hits. As we have seen many times over with popular brands or well-known people, nothing you do after the fact is as effective as what you do consistently and over time before the fact!

Demonstrate a “history of helpfulness” (Russell Lolacher, The Upsell)
Did you know that only 11% of firms respond to customer/client feedback generated through social media channels? This despite the fact that Social is arguably the most public of most firms’ customer relationship channels – accessible and visible to all (with a full history for all to see) – much more so than 1-800 lines or online chat functions.  In the age of Social, customer service is truly a “spectator sport”.  Take advantage of this – proactively provide (and be seen to provide) value added and targeted information and services, make sure you’re on the social media platforms your customers are on, and be responsive (a 1-hour response time is the expected turnaround time on Social). 

Ned DeBeck’s Picks
Demystify Social ROI (Alicia Taggio, Hootsuite)
Not many question the real business value derived from undertaking Social media efforts. But… how do you know if it is “working”?
1) Measure your true investment – what are the costs, including tools, as well as staff time, advertising, and even opportunity costs.
2) Connect your efforts to your larger business goals, each action on Social must have purpose.
3) Measure what counts, and don’t obsess on vanity metrics (likes, shares, views).
4) Calculate the impact, prove to your colleagues and others that Social works, and back it up with data.

Create Stories People Want to Consume and Share (Christoph Trappe, MedTouch, Director of Content Marketing)
Everyone loves a good story and being able to tell one is a powerful skill. So what are the ingredients of a successful story? You must provide authentic content - nothing beats real world and personal examples. There must be some form of conflict inherent in the story, and it must be resolved in some fashion – some might call this “meaning”. Finally, the meaning must be relevant to the audience, there must be an answer to “Why are you telling me this story?” If you can manage to write with these four things in mind then you are likely to connect with your audience, but only if you publish. The best stories in the world don’t get read if they are endlessly edited, so make sure to put them out in the world. If it’s not perfect, don’t worry, you can write another!

Shelly Berlin’s Pick
Create Your Brand from the Inside Out (Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte – LeapZone Strategies)
5 Tips that stood out for me from branding guru and keynote speaker at this year’s conference, Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte:
1) The core principles of branding are the same whether you are in a digital space or not
2) Branding is a “a trigger to remember the experience”
3) Branding is not what you think, it’s what others who have experienced your brand think 
4) Brands are defined by people and emotions; and finally 
5) Trust = Reliability + Delight – in the delivery of your brand.  With these tips in mind, work on creating undeniable clarity in your brand, be clear about what sets your brand apart from others, and then as importantly, deliver on your promise – creating delight - time and time again.

Richard Eaton’s Top Takeaways
Social Can Smell a Rat
One of the key, repeated themes through Social Media Camp 2018 was the need for honesty when engaging on Social. Thinly veiled attempts to palm off snake oil, or cover up bad performance, or corrupt ideas, can easily be spotted by savvy searchers so it’s best to come clean from the outset. Or don’t engage at all. 

Social is a Positive Space
Social Media isn’t a medium. It’s a culture. The main reason to engage on Social Media should be out of an earnest, authentic desire to make the world a better place, in some way, be that offering up a product that you truly believe will make people’s lives better, or through connecting likeminded individuals for various positive purposes. At its core, then, it’s an appreciative culture, admiring rather than denigrating, extolling versus eviscerating. Although it is capable of all the nasty stuff too, the ‘default setting’ for Social  is when the motivation is altruistic.


#SMC2018 delivered a lot of fun and great insights! The Social landscape continues to change and evolve, with unexpected twists and turns - so more than ever we know there are a lot of unknown unknowns (bonus points for those of you who know the name behind that quote!). We learned that it’s important to stay informed about what is happening with Social, but also that the best way to do this is to get out there and do it. With these tips in mind, keep thinking, writing, sharing, and experiencing! Thanks to everyone who brought us another great year!  See you again next year!

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