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Shelly Berlin
Strategist. Confidante. Plate Spinner.
Shelly Berlin is a founding and managing partner of Berlineaton. You can often find her balancing dinnerware in the air while typing with her free hand. She enjoys the fast pace and nature of management consulting, along with applying the skills she gained at Disney, Andersen Consulting, and Price Waterhouse.
Berlineaton Brand Launch
What I learned about innovators at our Brand Launch:

A few weeks ago, we officially launched our new Berlineaton Brand, and to celebrate, we brought three innovators together in a showcase called The Innovator’s Mind to present their ideas to some of our clients, held at Victoria Executive Centre in downtown Victoria. 
Here’s what I heard, and what I learned:

1. I heard that to innovate, you need to be prepared to ruffle some feathers.  What I learned was that it takes more than this - you need to use this disruptive energy to rebuild or reset what your disruption has challenged or destroyed.  Therefore, innovation requires both disruption and leadership.  Disruption without leadership is chaos.  Leadership without disruption is complacency.

2. I heard that innovation is about subtraction, not addition.  Our best innovative ideas come when we are less busy, less stressed, and less in demand.  What I heard is that I need to slow down, be more mindful, have a cup of tea, and listen to the ideas that come out of the space this creates.

3. I heard that innovation can sometimes surprise us, in that our innovations may actually be used for other purposes.  What I learned is that we should keep trying to make something that doesn’t exist out of things that exist, and be fully prepared for these ideas to create other forms of innovation.  Therefore the more we innovate, the more innovation multiplies.  

I am grateful to Stefan Fletcher of ReBalance MD, Daniela Cubelic of Silk Road Tea, and Ilana Ben-Ari of Twenty One Toys for telling us their stories, and creating the opportunity to learn!   

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