City of Vancouver

Planning for Future Vehicle Technology

We worked closely with another consulting firm and City staff, delivered focus groups and large team events to frame out a draft plan and toolkit, and then ground-truthed and improved it through various engagements with functional groups within the City staff envelope.

A Profound Experience

The City of Vancouver, supported by Transport Canada’s ACATS project, embarked on a multi-year initiative to prepare City staff for the advent of autonomous connected and automated vehicle technologies. We led the plan to engage with City staff to solicit their advice and facilitate buy in and support for the eventual introduction of these new technologies to municipal operations. 

Practical Solutions

This project had four phases:  

  1. Awareness Building: built a common understanding and awareness of the new technologies 
  2. Contemplate: we provided staff with an on-the-job opportunity to talk about how new technologies could help in their day-to-day work
  3. Collaborate: focus group members developed future opportunities and issues in cross-functional, cross-departmental workshops
  4. Outcomes: we shared our findings and recommendations from staff about how best to engage their peers, and others, in this important change 

Bolder Futures

Over 100 City staff, from the shop floor to the C-Suite, contributed to the development of the Engagement Plan, which has now been accepted by City management and their Transport Canada colleagues. The City is well-positioned to lead other Canadian municipalities in this innovative, technology- and people-dependent transition journey.

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  • Our facilitated sessions with Berlineaton were successful because everyone was given an opportunity to share their ideas and opinions openly, we were able to hear diverse opinions and ideas from a variety of City staff and departments, and we got to know new people and network.

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    Richard Eaton

    CD, BA, MA (Leadership) FCMC, ACC
    Adventurer, Process Whisperer, Force of Nature.

    Richard Eaton is a co-founding partner of Berlineaton, a senior management consultant and a certified executive coach. Over the past 25 years, Richard has facilitated significant and positive productivity focused culture shifts within large and complex organizations. 

    He specializes in delivering a leader and team-focused approach to process improvement and is highly skilled in helping clients realize significant performance improvements.  

    Richard is passionate about adventures of all kinds, from parachuting, scuba diving and high-altitude mountaineering to a broad array of fascinating consulting assignments. He approaches everything he does with humility, wonder, deep engagement and sturdy footwear.

    Tobias Mehra

    BA, MSc, MIB, CMC
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    Tobias is an Engagement Lead. He joined the firm in early 2019. He draws on his various academic and professional experiences in business strategy, market research and corporate sustainability to provide simple and elegant data-driven solutions. 

    Tobias discovered his passion for working with people from a diverse set of backgrounds and enjoys helping organizations confront complex challenges with simple data-powered solutions. 

    Originally hailing from Austria, he moved to Victoria in 2018. Tobias loves exploring the outdoors and loves Vancouver Island as much as he loves Austria. His newest love, though, is his daughter, born at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Ashka Wirk

    BSc, MBA, CMC, ACC
    Architect, Builder, Crystal Gazer.

    Ashka is a certified management consultant and executive coach, specializing in board-governed organizations in the education, health care and technology sectors.  

    She is an expert in using qualitative and quantitative data to guide the development of strategy, and then developing tactics and measurement systems that help ensure an effective execution.  

    Ashka’s passion is to lead disciplined, engaging and evidence-based projects that improve organizational effectiveness. To do this, she draws on her extensive and varied background in the fields of science and business. When Ashka’s not with her two school-aged children, you can find her in her gym or garden!

    Ashka is an Associate of Berlineaton’s.