Victoria Executive Centre
Jan 15/2015
4:45pm- 7:30pm
915 Fort Street, Victoria, BC
Brand Relaunch and 'The Innovator's Mind' Workshop
It was an evening of fun, learning, and sharing, as we relaunched our brand and hosted the first of our new workshop series, ‘The Innovator’s Mind’.   

We shared our company’s story – starting with just two people, Richard and Shelly, in their garage in 1996 to a team of 10 consultants and associates in downtown Victoria. We are no longer Berlin Eaton. We are Berlineaton... working alongside courageous and innovative leaders, like you! 

Berlineaton’s new be bold brand is all about challenging one another to keep doing bold things in our professional and personal lives.

In our first ‘The Innovator’s Mind’ workshop, invited speakers (and inspiring innovators), Stefan Fletcher (Rebalance MD), Daniela Cubelic (Silk Road Tea), and Ilana Ben-Ari (Twenty One Toys) shared some important ingredients of innovation – disruption, collaboration, mindfulness, and courage. 

Thanks to everyone who joined us!
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