Strategic Direction: Towards 2029
Since 2016
Key Team Members
Shelly Berlin
Aharon Ittah
Ashka Wirk
From its founding in 1829, Upper Canada College (UCC) has been educating the next generation of leaders and innovators, inspiring them to make a positive impact on their world. It is this history of bold and progressive thinking that inspired the College’s new Head of School, Board, and Senior Leadership team, working in partnership with Berlineaton, to develop its renewed Strategic Directions.
Project Overview
Using a highly consultative and collaborative approach, we worked with Upper Canada College leadership, through a series of facilitated workshops over a period of 10 months, to map out the strategic direction of the College. 

UCC focused on a renewed vision to inspire boys to be their best selves and grounded their work in a mission to provide transformational learning experiences. They reaffirmed UCC’s foundational focus on educating boys in an exceptional day school and boarding environment, delivering a rigorous liberal education through the International Baccalaureate Programme and ensuring financial accessibility for boys of the highest potential. 

They established three new goal pillars: 
  • Best Self—nurturing the unique combination of head, heart and humanity in each boy 
  • Flourishing Community—creating a vibrant school that values lifelong engagement 
  • Bold Future—embracing a culture of courage, striving for excellence and advancing the common good. 
UCC’s Plan put a specific focus on delivering innovative teaching practices and learning outcomes, pluralism (over and above diversity), and wellbeing of the boys, faculty and staff (in the first instance through the establishment of a signature Well-being Program).
UCC launched Strategic Directions: Towards 2029 to its school community with great success -- setting the course for their ambitious and exciting future – as they approach the extraordinary milestone of the College’s bicentennial in 2029.

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