EDGE Implementation and Change Leadership
Since 1997
Key Team Members
Richard Eaton
Ned DeBeck
Aharon Ittah
Canfor Pulp Ltd. is a forest products company with operations throughout BC, and globally. In the current business environment, constant adaptation and change is required to stay competitive and profitable. Canfor Pulp worked to modernize and strengthen its supply chain with the EDGE (Enterprise Design for Global Excellence) project, the largest effort of its kind in company history, a cross enterprise IT infrastructure renewal project. 

Project Overview
Canfor Pulp engaged Berlineaton to ensure the people and change leadership components of this ground-breaking information systems project is well led, and that Canfor’s people have input into, and full ownership of, the transformation. 

Richard facilitated more than two dozen workshops, from the Canfor Pulp Executive Team to the shop floor in each of the pulp mills, engaging with over 200 people in the process and with a satisfaction rating approaching 90% on average. Berlineaton continues to support the change effort at Canfor Pulp through the development and deployment of change leader development programs in concert with well recognized academic resources, and through the provision of coaching, mentoring and facilitation support as required to meet the needs of each project milestone. 
All client outcomes to date have been achieved to, or beyond, expectation. Berlineaton has helped Canfor Pulp achieve some critical milestones for this project, largely through building the capacity of Canfor’s own teams to meet these milestones on their own and in concert with colleagues, including the following: 
  • Stream Lead Team development, strategic plan creation and end to end process mapping and redesign
  • Launch of the Change Leadership Phase
  • Executive and Corporate Level ‘Design Review’ Week
  • Executive Approval for Fiscal Expenditure
  • Upgrade of outlier mills to Elixir: 
  • Pulp EDGE Conferences delivered with Corporate and Mill staff
  • Change Leader Coaching
  • Creation of Change Leadership Development Program.

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