Designing a Bold Future
Since 2010
Key Team Members
Ashka Wirk
Shelly Berlin
In 2016, Balmoral Hall School (BH) partnered with Berlineaton to renew its Strategic Plan, setting in motion the priorities, activities, support, and energy needed to realize an even bolder future for the School.   

Founded in 1901, BH is an independent school for girls, located in Winnipeg, MB.  Berlineaton had helped BH to develop their first strategic plan in 2009 and the refresh again in 2012.  With the successfully execution of these initial and foundation-setting plans, BH felt that they were ready to raise the bar once again. Key deliverables of the 2016 strategic planning include a highly consultative, engaging, and collaborative strategic planning process that: 
  • Engaged the BH community and key constituents in a variety of ways
  • Confirmed BH’s mission, vision, and values 
  • Created bold new goals, strategic priorities, and tactics 
  • Included an execution plan, measurement and reporting framework, supported by a financial plan.
Project Overview
We conducted an extensive SCAN Phase including: 
  • Parent survey of all 400 households 
  • Student survey of 200 Senior School girls 
  • Online web survey of the BH community 
  • Open Space Conference with 150 BH community members 
  • Strategic Insights Symposium with 150 BH community members 
  • Internal and external environmental scan conducted using Discovery Teams comprised of BH faculty and staff and coached by Berlineaton. 
We prepared a report of findings from these key touch points with stakeholders to tell the story of the current situation at BH to help the Board and Senior Leadership Team make informed decisions about its future. 

We facilitated a series of workshops, over the span of 10 month, to guide the Board and Senior Leadership Team in articulating their direction, defining their goals and strategic priorities, and aligning their resources to execute on their Strategic Plan.
BH successfully launched its Strategic Plan to their school community – one that reflected the values, vision, and voices of this community.  As they describe in their Plan “See us like never before.  At BH, we’ve been challenging ourselves to dream big and set ambitious goals for the future.  We want the world to know that BH is no ordinary school, and it is not for ordinary girls.  That’s why we’re going to be bold.” 

See the BH Strategic Plan here:
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