CI Beta Testing Sessions
Key Team Members
Richard Eaton
Norma Glendinning
12 down, 8 to go! 

We are now at the midpoint of our CI Beta Testing Journey. 

As you may have heard, this year marks the 20th anniversary of Berlineaton. Naturally, we're pretty proud of the fact that we've been able to serve our clients successfully for 20 continuously improving years. Speaking of which, you know that one of our offerings is Continuous Improvement.

You may not be surprised to hear that we are working on a 'mid-life refit' for our Continuous Improvement methodology. We've paid attention to the input we've received from our many clients over the years, and have developed a beta version of what we believe is an improved approach to Continuous Improvement that includes a greater focus on strategic alignment, prioritization and leadership factors, amongst other innovations.

Project Overview
A total of 103 people have participated in the CI Beta Testing Sessions and the average satisfaction score stands at 84%. We still have spots for a few more sessions so, if you know anyone who would like to participate, please contact Norma at   

Some highlights from the sessions: 
  • Organizations have self-reported their effectiveness at 60% overall or, in academicvalues, the bottom end of a C grade 
  • The greatest strengths are in the dimension of Process at 67% effective, or Grade C+ 
  • The greatest weaknesses were noted in the dimensions of People at 59% effective and Direction at 55% effective, both C minuses 
Some cool quotes: 
  • I have been involved in many sessions like this in the past, but this has been the best I’ve ever seen 
  • For me, the most important thing has been the open and honest conversations about some tough subjects 
  •  I really like the Org Effectiveness Self-Assessment tool. It helps you cut through to the real issues 
Click here to check out the attached infographic presenting the overall results to date!
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Organizations that thrive excel in three areas: 

  • Direction: a clear, widely shared, and aspirational vision of the future and a compelling road map to get there.
  • Process: clear, effective and efficient steps that create meaningful outputs. Daily tasks and deliverables yield their best results when processes are clear and strong, and aligned with organizational objectives. Processes facilitate the alignment of action with direction.
  • People: People make it all happen. People have the skills, capacity, and impetus to translate strategic intent into reality. Ultimately, people and the culture they create drive an organization towards its chosen future. 
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