Brentwood College School
Since 2012
Key Team Members
Shelly Berlin
James Bretzlaff 
Brentwood College renewed its future direction through a collaborative strategic planning process with the help of Berlineaton in 2012.
Brentwood College is a co-educational boarding school for students from grades 9 to 12, located in Mill Bay, BC. Since 1923, prospective students have been drawn to the school’s innovative approach, university preparatory programs, and spectacular ocean front setting.

With a new Head of School announced in 2012, the Board of Directors felt the timing was perfect to renew the school's strategic direction. 

Brentwood College also was familar with our strategy development and execution methodology from the work we had done with other schools.  Brentwood asked us to provide an approach that was highly collaborative, would bring the community together, and would result in a bold new direction for the school. 
Project Overview
Working closely with the Head of School, we brought together school leaders and stakeholders from across the learning community to build a comprehensive 10 year strategic plan, including:  vision, mission, values, goals, priorities, and tactics.

Brentwood College has described the one year process as "in depth and immersive," and the quality of the strategic plan reflects this experience.  

This is evidenced in the aspirational reach of the plan through the school's new vision:  "Brentwood will set the standard globally for transformational learning," the raw power of its values: grit and joy, and the scope of the goals, priorities, and tactics in support of the school's new mission:  "The Brentwood family opens hearts and minds for life." 
By the end of the project, Brentwood College had completed and fully socialized its strategic plan, building consensus across its community to support the new direction. The school also built the necessary skill sets to effectively measure and self-monitor progress throughout the strategic plan's implementation phase
Brentwood lives this plan, and continues to strive to set the standard globally for inspirational and transformative learning.
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