BC Ministry of Forests
Since 1996
Key Team Members
Richard Eaton
Shelly Berlin
James Bretzlaff

The BC Ministry of Forests engaged Berlineaton to work with Ministry staff and the forestry industry on a major continuous improvement initiative that ran for approximately 10 years. 

Berlineaton worked with Ministry of Forests to streamline internal and external processes throughout the entire Ministry – from district offices through to Ministry headquarters. 

We also brought Ministry staff together with industry to build mutual understanding, clarify each other’s points of view, and further streamline application and compliance processes - while maintaining the Ministry’s role as a steward of world-class, sustainable forestry practices.

Ministry staff was given the authority from management to implement the proposed changes, as well as to be accountable for outcomes.  This empowerment helped build even more momentum for these improvements and helped create a positive cultural shift that spread throughout the Ministry.

Towards the end of our engagement with the Ministry, the BC government implemented the province’s Forest and Range Practices Act which enshrined "world-class sustainable forest practices, and innovation and cost effectiveness in the planning and approval processes."
Project Overview
Forestry is one of the main economic engines in British Columbia. BC is the largest exporter of softwood lumber in the world and plants approximately 200 million trees annually.

The forest sector in BC was undergoing considerable and rapid change in 1996. To help the Ministry of Forests' goal of becoming a strong, dynamic, and adaptable organization, Berlineaton was chosen as a long term partner to help rebuild the culture of the entire sector.

Implemented through a structured and integrated approach that combined business process redesign, management process redesign, and team development activities, staff was empowered to improve the performance of the entire Ministry.

The Berlineaton team supported over 3,000 staff across British Columbia in six regional offices, 40 district offices, and the Ministry's headquarters throughout the initiaitive's 10 year run.
Hundreds of business processes were redesigned to establish greater consistency across six regional offices, 40 district offices, and Ministry headquarters.

Higher quality Ministry outputs ultimately saved industry time and money, while maintaining the interests of the public.

Initial estimates of $15 million in overall cost savings to industry were reported.
The enormously successful culture change across the Ministry of Forests is alive today – providing a springboard for more recent initiatives and programs, including Learning Organization practitioners and LEAN.
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