BC Health Sector IMIT Strategic Plan
Key Team Members
Shelly Berlin
James Bretzlaff
Health Sector IMIT (HSIMIT) Division at the Ministry of Health is radically rethinking how it designs and delivers technology services for the health sector. With help from Berlineaton, it’s also rethinking the way planning is done.

We worked with HSIMIT and the CIO Council to create a rich, sector-wide, collaborative plan that will achieve cost savings, improve health delivery, and ultimately improve health outcomes  across the health sector. 
Project Overview
The health sector is made up of a vast number of health organizations.  The sheer size of the sector has led to a planning discipline that is different in each health authority.

This courageous endeavour, led by the Health IT Strategy Branch, brought together sector leaders to develop a sector-wide Information Management Information Technology (IMIT) strategic plan.

The planning effort spanned over 12 months.  It was kicked off by a meeting in June 2013 that brought together over 70 health sector leaders to express their needs and desires of how IMIT could help improve their results.  This led to the development of a vision, mission, and a set of principles, followed by the development of goals and strategic priorities.

Highly collaborative in its design, the CIO Council (a council of Chief Information Officers from all health authorities) completed the first draft in early 2014; it is now being finalized and vetted through various stakeholders prior to being implemented. 
This project is an example of visionary leadership.  In the face of a culture that is fiercely independent, and during a time of rapid change in the health sector, the leadership behind this project stood strong and steadfast in seeing through the importance of this plan being developed collaboratively and with key players at the table.
This project resulted in a planning effort that is much more coordinated, and will lead to the better utilization of resources. For example, achievements in one health authority will be shared with others, and technology is becoming an even stronger enabler for the health sector.
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