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Ashka Wirk
Architect. Builder. Crystal Gazer.
Ashka is a management consultant focussed in Berlineaton's strategy practice. Ashka also is an experienced private sector leader, with an extensive background in the health care and biotechnology fields. She worked with the management consulting subsidiary of StemCell Technologies in Vancouver for eight years, and led the company through years of unprecedented growth as its CEO from 2008 to 2012. She draws upon her breadth of experience and passion for business strategy to help Berlineaton clients develop blueprints to build bolder futures for their organizations.
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Pre-qualified supplier of management consulting service


As a result of a combination of many years providing high quality service, and success during a nation-wide competitive process, Berlineaton has pre-qualified as a preferred supplier of management consulting services to the BC public sector through the supply arrangements listed below. Public sector organizations, including local governments, crown corporations, health authorities, school districts and public post-secondary institutions can use these CSAs to directly award contracts to qualified suppliers.
Berlineaton is also pre-qualified to deliver management consulting services through the following:
  • Qualified Supplier with BC Assessment to provide Coaching Services
  • Qualified Supplier with BC Clinical and Support Services Society for General Healthcare Consulting Services in:
    • Project Management and Implementation
    • Business Process Review, Process Improvement and Quality
    • Change Management
    • Lean Consulting
  • Qualified Supplier for the BC Ministry of Finance to provide Internal Audit and Advisory Services
  • Qualified Supplier with the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations to support the Natural Resource Permitting Project through:
    • Process and Meeting Facilitation services
    • Develop Business Strategies services
  • Qualified Supplier with the BC Ministry of Health to provide:
    • Organizational Development services
    • Health Specialized Facilitation services
  • Qualified Supplier for the Lean BC Office
  • Qualified Supplier for the Office of the Auditor General of BC to provide assistance with Service and Operational Planning.
We also have arrangements with the Federal Government through the ProServices Supply Arrangement with the Canadian Government  and are a Vendor of Record for Management Consulting Services for the City of Vaughan.

If you are interested in knowing more about any of these supply arrangements, please call us at 250-472-3767 or send us an email at
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